Recently, I have been going through a sort of revival in my soul. Something about having to rely on Jesus's grace to make it through another day of "nap training" has opened my ears to hear God speaking more clearly. The word has come alive to me through reading the "proverb of the day", daily email devotions, my church's sermon series, and so many more avenues. I've been so inspired that I've taken to illustrating some of these "personal messages" from God's word. I'm sure there will be more to come. I envision a whole wall of scripture in our house someday. We'll see...
This framed print is my favorite in the room. It by far looks the "coolest" in the bright blue frame. I'm so glad I made some choice investments in fellow student's artwork during college. Every piece of art in our house is done by me or someone I know (sort of as a rule). I can't say I know this girl but I definitely shared a studio with her so I think that still counts. 

Yup. I'm beginning to breach the "over-doing" it point with this gallery wall thing. Forgive me, just hanging one or two picture is just, well...boring. I thought spray painting all these mis-matched frames a bright blue was an funky choice but i like it and Ricky doesn't seem to mind. Also check out the new curtains via Target. They help marry the two colors together. 
Ricky and I wanted this wall to be all about friends and family. We had so many pictures we loved that i had to create these custom matts to fit them all. Like this shot of my handy work? ... don't look too close!
I thought waiting until my due date felt long but when that came and went it felt like our daughtr would never arrive. ( i know - a little melodramatic there) So we came up with several projects for me to do. Like...... painting the dinning room and kitchen, finishing a 1000 piece puzzle, and spending entirely too long on handmade birthday cards.
Here are some pictures of a gift I made recently for a friend's baby shower. I LOVED it and it was so easy I know i'll be doing this again soon for my own daughter. I also included pictures of the card I made for her too. (Excuse the cheesy joke- they are keeping the gender of their baby a secret!) 

 If you want to do this too- all you really need is heat and bond paper (buy at a sewing supply store), fabric, scissors, onesies, and an iron. 



What a loooooonnnggg journey! The room was basically a blank slate. I started at 15 weeks pregnant with just the mural. And now, at 38 weeks we are finally finished! Major credit goes to my husband for installing the super nice fan with a dimming light. There was no light at all before. Now the only thing we're waiting on is a grey zig-zap rug and Emily herself! 
I LOVE this picture because you can see the awesomely-cute hamper my mother-in-law bought us AND all my projects! (mobile, lamp, wall verse, shelves) Ignore the unfinished and cushion-less chair/glider- its just a place holder for where our real chair wil go.... OH! and picture a rug too.
verse on wall is Zephaniah 3:17
I think my favorite part is the shelves we put up under the window. Eventually when she can do some damage we'll switch out some of the more breakable things but the idea is that she can reach all of her books!
ok so probably all these things will go when Emily is actually here... but they are still cute! We loved this stuffed elephant from our friend Lindsay :)
As soon as we picked elephants to be a theme for Emily's room i saw ....

<----- this really cool lamp on Pinterest and i thought to myself "I can do that!"

I basically did everything this woman did except i wasn't half as picky with the sanding and i didn't carve quite so intricate an elephant. Her's is also a lot bigger judging by the pictures on her blog. At any rate it was a GREAT idea and i LOVE how my lamp turned out..... well i LIKE it at least. 

Then we had this random hook in the corner of her room that was just asking for a hanging..... anything. So since our other theme (crib bedding) is dots - I thought i'd do something with that. 

All i needed was a bigger circle hole punch and the right color paper to match the bedding. I already had a metal ring to hang the dots from. Step 1: cut out a bunch of dots. Step 2: Arrange around metal hoop thing. Step 3: Sew the dots together. Thats right just put them right through the machine and let it go for a set amount of stitches before feeding in the next circle. Step 4: Paint the ugly gold metal. Step 5: Tie the strings around, spacing evenly and ... hang! 

Wow, did i underestimate what i would be like painting a mural while 8 month's pregnant! Needless to say, i don't think i'll schedule something like this again. After 6 days (i could only work 4 or 5 hours at a time) I finally finished baby Bailee's beautiful mural :). Even though it took a couple more days than expected I LOVE the finished product. This is one lucky girl with a great set of parents and now a super cool room!
<----- Just for fun i thought i'd include a little slide show of the process for the giraffe. It really helped to have such a planned out sketch (to scale i might add) because i used it SO MUCH when doing the actual work on the walls. Also, creating a paper stencil for the outline of the giraffe helped A LOT with getting it just right AND not having to paint over sketchy pencil mistakes a million times. 
...CRAFTING, of course! This Christmas i felt like a busy little elf down in my new workspace in the basement. I was SO happy that we fixed up this area because my husband would have gone CRAZY with the mess of my projects if i had to do them in HIS territory (teehee). Anyway, here are some pics of what i was up to for basically the whole month of December. 
Recently a friend of my sister (and now a friend of mine) commissioned me to paint a mural for her baby's room. They are keeping the gender of their baby a surprise and wanted to keep it neutral. They are also huge fans of their alma-matter Auburn University which happens to have a grand tradition of rolling their famous oak trees with toilet paper after a big win. Sadly, this tradition now has an expiration date since an angry enemy fan poisoned the oaks and now they are dying. Because of this, my friends baby will never be able to participate in this time-honored act of celebration and this leads us to..... a mural of the famous Toomer's Oaks victoriously hung with paper. 

Sorry the image quality isn't that great. I took this picture with my phone when i was done. Hopefully they will send me some pictures when the room is all finished. (They are carpeting the floor and doing some other work too. Its a good thing because they need to cover that huge paint spot I made because I "didn't have to be careful" hehe) 

A birthday card designed for all the lucky youth at my awesome brother-in-laws youth group.