Recently, I have been going through a sort of revival in my soul. Something about having to rely on Jesus's grace to make it through another day of "nap training" has opened my ears to hear God speaking more clearly. The word has come alive to me through reading the "proverb of the day", daily email devotions, my church's sermon series, and so many more avenues. I've been so inspired that I've taken to illustrating some of these "personal messages" from God's word. I'm sure there will be more to come. I envision a whole wall of scripture in our house someday. We'll see...


Stacey Hammarberg
07/05/2013 5:02pm

Holly, these are amazing! I seriously can't tell you enough how TALENTED you are. Wow!

God has blessed you with so many gifts and abilities and I know he is SO proud of you for the way that you grow in your skills and bring glory to His name through the beauty you create.

Your work is so inspiring, never stop doing what you're doing!


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