What a loooooonnnggg journey! The room was basically a blank slate. I started at 15 weeks pregnant with just the mural. And now, at 38 weeks we are finally finished! Major credit goes to my husband for installing the super nice fan with a dimming light. There was no light at all before. Now the only thing we're waiting on is a grey zig-zap rug and Emily herself! 
I LOVE this picture because you can see the awesomely-cute hamper my mother-in-law bought us AND all my projects! (mobile, lamp, wall verse, shelves) Ignore the unfinished and cushion-less chair/glider- its just a place holder for where our real chair wil go.... OH! and picture a rug too.
verse on wall is Zephaniah 3:17
I think my favorite part is the shelves we put up under the window. Eventually when she can do some damage we'll switch out some of the more breakable things but the idea is that she can reach all of her books!
ok so probably all these things will go when Emily is actually here... but they are still cute! We loved this stuffed elephant from our friend Lindsay :)


01/15/2013 11:31pm

It all looks so great! I'm so impressed with your adorable elephant lamp! The rug will be awesome too. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly & you have an easy delivery! Emily is a lucky little lady to have you for a mama!


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